Sylvain Carle dwells in emerging technologies, he has been on the bleeding edge of media, technologies and networks for the last 15 years. Entrepreneurship, internet software development, digital and social media, open source and open standards are amongst his core expertise and passions. He loves sharing his experience and is an advocate of collaboration as a pragmatic mean of making things happen. He is the co-founder and CTO of Needium, an internet startup that develops a platform for realtime social customer discovery in social media [].

He was previously VP interactive media solutions at LVL Studio after merging his consulting company, the interstructure group, wihtin LVL. Before that he was CTO at Messagia, managing software development and infrastructure. He did a one year stint in silicon valley in 1999-2000 to work as a high level consultant for several dot com startups. If we trace back his history back to before the first internet bubble, he was then project manager and technical architect at Public Technologie Multimedia as well as product manager of My Virtual Model, where he worked on major accounts and team lead.

He was on FACIL‘s (collective appropriation of free software) board for two years after he helped it’s creation. He was also a founding member of W3Québec for the promotion of web best practices and standards. He also served on the board of Alliance Numérique as president of the Internet workgroup as well as for Ile-Sans-Fil, the community wireless network project of Montréal. His latest community involvement is on the board of the OSMO foundation, spearheading the Notman House project.

He is an advisor to a few emerging startups and has been known to organize geeky events in Montréal (BarCamp, Twitter Tea Time, FaceBook Garage, WordCamp, iPhone Dev Camp, StartupCamp, ConFoo, WebCamp during WebCom and Montreal’s International Startup Festival).

He has been blogging for more than 10 years at and this bio is the only occurence of himself writing in the third person that is known of, he is usually much more personable at

You can find a more complete history on his LinkedIn profile at


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